Our First Steel Frame Quadricycle!


Kara Ryan’s favorite Flyer!


This was our second prototype. It has a 3/4″ steel tube frame without the independent front suspension, so it is lighter and faster than our current model. (250 lb max capacity)


It also has our first ramp, which requires the rider’s wheelchair to either have a 4″ foot rest clearance or no foot rest at all.


The metallic green paint is a real head turner. We love riding it and we’re sure you will too.


It has about two hundred miles on it, so it is just getting broken in! 



Standard Features Include:

  • 3/4″ Round Steel Frame: It takes longer to  bend than square tube, harder to cut, weld and paint, but it looks SO much better. The low side rails feel airy, not like being caged.
  • Tilting Floor: much safer than a ramp, more reliable, better looking, less weight, requirs less room to board and disembark. Large enough to fit most wheelchairs.
  • Electric Power Train: 48v-20 amp hours lithium-ion battery, anti-theft battery key lock, 1500w hub motor and controller, forward, reverse, cruise control, regenerative braking, comfortable premium motorcycle hand grips, throttle boss in grip (not thumb throttle), two torque plates to protect motor, 5 levels of pedal assistance.
  • Pedal Power Train: (Pedaling not required), low gearing sprockets and chain for easy pedaling, adjustable pedal height.
  • LED Light Package: head lights, tail lights, brake lights, extra bright turn signals with beeper, back light display for night rides, under lights for looking awesome, internal wiring for a clean look.
  • 12v Converter: no extra 12v battery saves money, charge time and weight.
  • Disc Brakes: Front and back.
  • Diamond Back Tires: blackwall street tires, low drag, long lasting, looks great.
  • Self Sealing Inner-Tubes: Extra thick thorn resistant tubes with Green Slime Sealant.
  • Horn: light weight but loud.
  • Adjustable Quill Strem: to make your handlebars fit comfortably.
  • Two mirrors: see everything behind you.
  • ABS Plastic Dash: light weight, strong, attractive, with smoothed edges.
  • Removable Canvas Top: Keeps the sun off, unless you want it, then it is easy to remove.
  • Attention to Detail: We make sure it is as strong as it is attractive.
  • Love: plenty of it goes into each unit. No extra charge!


Demo Quadricycle


Sale Price Includes:

  • Chrome fenders
  • Deluxe Mirrors
  • Deluxe Under-Carriage Lights


Shipping Rates:
Free local pickup in Wichita, KS
Crating & Shipping within the 48 Contiguous States: $548.00
Alaska, Hawaii and International Shipping:
Please call:  (316) 636-7885 for a quote


Sales Tax:
We do not collect Sale Tax except:
KS sales tax is required for KS residents or local pickup.
(7.5% to be paid at time of pick up or delivery.)